Uncomfortable Moments with the Little Babushka.

Is it impolite?

Stank and I had a little project that needed doing.

My colleagues and I will be performing our play this weekend and some of our set needed to be updated from site specific parts made for the carnival, to a version that is able to go, go, go!

There are two structures at the back of the “stage” that hold the costumes we need to put on and take off during the play. There is a tall pole and then a cross bar so that the clothes will hang as though they are being worn by a scrawny ghostly figure. Anyhooters, these were made of white pipe and needed to be spray painted black.

Huh, funny how much they just look like crosses when they are standing here in the driveway alone.

Huh, what kind of person would be standing in the driveway….

Painting crosses……

With a man in a cowboy hat and boots…..

I asked Stank if he thought they would dry o.k. if we put them in the garage.


4 Responses to “Uncomfortable Moments with the Little Babushka.”

  1. 1 Darren January 25, 2008 at 4:49 pm

    I bet it didn’t help when Stank reached for his cigarette lighter while hunched over those crosses.

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