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I have three “new” dresses coming my way. They are “new” because they were all free from swaps or hand me downs but I never wore them because they were all too big or not quite right. Ha! no more. I have the totally genius Elsie fixing them for me. Taking them in and adding darts and changing necklines and sleeve lengths etc. All things I am totally incapable of doing. Before you get excited thinking you will head right over with a pile of things for her to fix, I had to get through the old SB security and ply her with wine. I may have pretended to faint. I am not above that sort of thing. I also should have some locally grown flour coming my way. From these guys. This, also from Elsie. Good woman to know. Also, I have a call out to the local nuns to find out how and when I can get some of their locally made Gouda. This is extra exciting to me since we have quite a few sheep’s milk and goat’s milk cheeses available, many at a billion dollars a pound, but not many versatile, sorta cheap options. Of course, last night I was so lazy I ate cheese and bread for dinner instead of making something out of the deliscious things rotting in the fridge. Ya win some, ya lose some.

I went to the market this morning to pick up my CSA veggies. Had a nice little chat, grabbed the goods and got hell out. That place is a zoo by 9:30. The haul was pretty good. Kale, cukes, squash, scallions, lettuce, beets, radish etc. I think my landlord is finally going to fix my aged oven so it will light without me having to stick my head in it. This could open up a whole new world!

Critter news: Stank and I took part in one of my favorite activities last evening (get yer mind outta the gutter). Skunk watching! I have a little buddy or two that come around in the evenings to check out the trash and recycling. I have seen an albino before but this was the regular stripey kind, though it didn’t look very old. Pretty darn cute till he figured he was being stared at and headed on down the road. I also have a cheeky squirrel who is trying to move into my porch. The other day I surprised him by coming home and he had to take a flying leap. Also, I had some kind of bee coming in to my bathroom to die. En Masse. I don’t consider it a good omen but it seems to have tapered off so…. but best of all! Starrhillgirl has two new kittens! We took a nice drive through the country last week to look in on Stanks kitty and headed out to Tex’s to fawn over the kittens. In a shocking turn of events (not really) she adopted them both on the spot and they rode home in a box on my lap. So fuzzy.

Whew. The Kingpin and IC spent the last week in New Mexico visiting family. I just got a call from the IC letting me know they are on their way home. They are on a shuttle bus.