Poop the poop—it’s poopie!

Somehow the IC who had the wherewithal to ask me to describe honor and metaphor thinks that inserting “poop” and “pee” every third word is the wittiest, most incisive way to respond to every question. Sample conversation:

-What did you do in school today, honey?
-My poop work. [Can you tell she’s a Montessori kid?]
-What else?
-I pooped.
-Okay, but who was at school today with you?
-Poopie pee pee and poop the pooper.

Crap. How do I make it stop. Shit.


1 Response to “Poop the poop—it’s poopie!”

  1. 1 lb January 22, 2008 at 3:27 pm

    Can we wait till there is a nightmare and the IC is screaming for her mother to save her and we come to her aid, but speaking omly poop language? Do I over do it? It’s too much?

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