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The Peanut Festival. Oh Yeah

Let me start by saying that my sister, Fatbiscuit, thinks I’m cute.

She thinks I am cute because I like to attend the types of things she would only go to because she has a kid and the kid might want to go. Things like the County Fair and things like The Peanut Festival.

So, the fella and I headed down to Suffolk to see what we could see. We did have other reasons to go. We are weird but not really weird. We would not normally go that far for a Peanut fest, though we would likely talk about doing it. Anyhooters the Fella’s sister was going to be selling things so it was a good way to see his family, too. We had a dinner date on Saturday night we we headed out of town late and between driving and winding down it was 4am before we slept. We hauled our asses out of bed on Sunday and made it to the fest by early afternoon. I highly recomend having a vendor as a friend at this type of thing. We were able to sit and chat under a tent and take little trips out in to the fray. We ate some good (meaning gross) fair food, we ate a lot of peanuts. We took a ride on the Ferris wheel and we did a lot of people watching.

We saw people selling these

Despite the fact that they were really expensive, fraught with ethical concerns, and are very high maintenance, we were really tempted.

I didn’t wind up getting any peanuts to take home they were a little pricey. Here are some pictures of the festival.




Happy Happy!

Today is Starrhillgirl’s birthday. A day to celebrate, for sure.

The day my beautiful friend was born.

Oh Happy day. Happy Anniversary!



18 yr Anniversary

Today is my Birthday!

This week, Starrhillgirl and I will have a birthday. We are having our 18th birthdays since the year we met! It wasn’t until I started counting the years this past week that I realized it had been so long. In my mind we were stuck somewhere around 15 years, but really we are creeping up on 20.

How the time flies. What a beautiful thing. I know we have a tendency to spend much more time on important dates we share with lovers/partners/husbands/wives, but I think all the time how lucky I am to have such a great family of friends.

Starrhillgirl and I have been through 18 years of ups and downs and we are still in love! We have lost family and friends. We have lost love, found love, Traveled, lived in separate cities 3 times. We have lived together 3 times (depending on how you count).

Sometimes people mix us up. Only one of us prefers girls and only one of us doesn’t eat meat.

She insists I was blond when we first met…………….I wasn’t, but don’t burst her bubble.

We have had a good 18 years. Here is to 18 more.

Happy Birthday.