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I Have Been Friggin Meme’d (what the hell is a meme?)

By Starrhillgirl who IS the boss of me. I have to write an opening paragraph of the novel version of my life starting with last night.

She sits perched on the edge of a low slung leather couch. Around her, the other musicians and singers chat, waiting to begin the night. They have gathered for a benefit show and are clustered back stage. Some are eating, when it is free musicians always eat, others sip wine and bottled water. Over the dull roar of the well heeled crowd, you can just about hear the sweet sounds of the first performer. She barely stands a chance. The crowd is full of parents whose children attend the school that will benefit from the music tonight. They seem eager to squeeze the most out of their night. Quiet listening is not on their minds as they giggle and chatter through their first few drinks. The air is dark and cool backstage. The door to the alley is open and covered with a thick black curtain. At irregular intervals the warm air and bright light outside sneaks in at the bottom corner. She shifts her weight from one cowboy boot to the other getting more restless as her turn on stage draws near. As the other singers drink water and spray their throats, she makes her way to the door, briefly flooding the room with light she steps into the alley for a cigarette.

Now I get to tag someone so I tag Wistar and KP.