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Random Tidbits

Dear two readers,

It has been months since my last post. We have gone from the first buds of spring to the first chill of fall. What the fuck, eh? I am not entirely sure where the summer went to. I am now without a camera so you are saved from skill-less shots of my food or the dust bunny in the corner. You are welcome. Though I can’t really take the credit. I did however make it to the beach this year. The first year in a VERY long time. I don’t think I have been on an American beach since my childhood. This summer, however, I said enough is enough. I am going on a trip, with my fella. Another first. At least of the totally for fun variety. So we packed ourselves off to the beach for two whole nights and had a fabulous time. The room was nice but not fancy. It did include a balcony that looked out over the bay or some such. From that balcony I enjoyed two sunsets and a cheap beer on ice with lime. Yes. I. Did. Tacky? Oh yes. Soo delicious. We had at least two meals that were so huge I was reduced to hysterical tears. I was so sure that the fella had embarrassed me by ordering a meal described as a “feast”(I threatened to move tables) that when my pasta came and was approximately the size of a bird bath I thought I would die. So, instead of trying to play the whole thing down, I burst into shrieks and insisted that the poor man heft it himself in order to see just how heavy it was. It went on and on. I was completely unable to answer the waitress when she asked “Are you all doing o.k.” Luckily the fella is a very good sport. I also sat on the beach. In a beach chair with a cooler and an umbrella. Very bizarre. I got thrown around by the waves, thank you tropical storm Danny, and saw my first ever sand fiddler. Totally fabulous. Also, there were wild horses and clouds of dragon flies. On the way home we took a driving tour of most of the eastern shore and got out to collect shells in Cape Charles. The towns were very charming, minus the Kay Kay Kay sign and the very pungent Tyson’s plant. currently I am enjoying my porch and listening to my neighbors having a sing along. Someone got their guitar out. It is actually pretty great.