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The Naughty Nightstand

Inspired by the LB’s habit of asking provocative questions… I’d like to know what’s lurking in and around your nightstand? I’ll go first:

On top: Mother Courage and Her Children script, piles of books (The Last Days of Ancient Sunlight, A People’s History of the United States, A Mother’s Guide to Raising Healthy Children Naturally, A Philosophical Discourse by Jurgen Habermas, Walking on Water, End Game volumes 1 & 2 by Derrick Jensen, a couple of Kenneth Koch poetry books), magazines (4 New Yorkers, a USAA newsletter, a kids National Geo), tissues (bad seasonal allergies). In the drawer: a b&w photo of deceased husband. Clearly I need to clear off the nightstand.


Whose Veggies Ya Gonna Get Yer Lip Up On?

The Ladies of Crazytown will be eating Veggies from these lovely people!


What about you? Are you gonna:
A) Buy your Produce at the farmers market, it’s a great way to use your wicker shopping basket and floppy sun hat.

B) Join a local CSA and hope it makes you as cool as the Crazytown kids……..fat chance!

C) Shop at the mega market, fuck a bunch a hippies.

D) Grow your own vegetables and make your own beauty and skin care products, because a life without homemade flax seed lube is no life at all?

Seriously, I want to know what you people are planning and will it result in a meal or two for me? Are you going to eat local?



P.S. Why is there no local eat local website, anyone?

P.P.S. I think homemade lube is hot.