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I’m Gifted

There are times, few and far between, when I feel like I am witnessing the dawning of a new word. It’s baby, wobbly steps from fringe to foreground. I don’t mean words like, “cool” or “rad”, I mean word, words. Is it just me? Have people always said that? Is it new?


When did “gifted” take the place of give and given when describing a present? Why does it bug me so much? It’s the new “you know you’re a (blank) when…….

You know you’re a locavore when you start saying “gifted”.

You know you’re a water saver when you start saying “gifted”.




Expanding Meaning

So, I thought I should break the silence. We have been going through a transition at Crazytown. Here is the deal. I have finally moved into my own place. I have graduated to the world of big girls! KP and IC are still at the old house making strides getting it ready for sale. So, we have fractured Crazytown. It is a sad/exciting turn of events. However, it has given me the chance to reflect on my definition on Crazytown. I now know, in much the same way good Christian’s know God is everywhere, that Crazytown is not the place. Crazytown is a state of mind, a faith. Crazytown is in you. Crazytown is at my place, at KP’s place and Starrhillgirl’s place. Are you a resident of Crazytown Ms.’s Fatbiscuit, Wistar, Elsie, Cho girl? You don’t have to go to church to talk to God(if yer into that) and you don’t have to go to Crazytown. You can carry Crazytown in your heart. Jeeze, that is so poetic. Others things:

#1 I am way excited about my CSA starting.

#2 I made my little apartment look so cute/cozy.

#3 you should come have a drink on my porch

#4 I over slept for work this morning and I was supposed to open the store, oops!