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I don’t even know where to start

On this guy’s comment.

I mean……..?

Local paper covers a gay marriage ban protest.

The weekly

Maybe you can figure out where to start?



Booo California

Shame on you.

That is all I can muster. Really. Shame on you.


Bristol and Beyond

State Street. VA on one side TN on the other.

We had a lovely weekend in Bristol. We packed ourselves into the van with a car following behind and headed on down. The van is a high style travel option, in case you are looking for one. Nice big comfy seats. Places to plug in a computer to work. Lotsa cup holders. We had a cooler packed to the gills. Bread,cheese,fizzy water, fizzy orange and cranberry drinks, nuts, chocolate, crackers, and lots more. This is how you avoid a starvation induced food mistake. Anyhooters we were a jolly bunch. We got to the hotel in time to relax for a bit and change clothes and then headed on to the music. The fella played on the big stage the first night and I sang on the same couple songs I helped with on the album. Then we strolled and ate. Overall we had a great time. The fella had two gigs, we saw some friends from here do their thing, and managed to see some of Doc Watson and James Hand. We capped the weekend with a gig over the mountain from here on Sunday night.

Now to beyond. There are only a few more weeks of the CSA to go. How sad. I wasn’t able to figure a way to get to the harvest festival at the farm, which is a total bummer. The farmer told me to forget about work and just come and even tried to win me over with homemade blackberry wine. Alas, I couldn’t figure a way to make it out. The Kp and IC were also thwarted, annoyingly, AFTER she had made 3 pies for the event. Maybe we can get a private invite? I’ll have to work on that.

Now I am sick. Grrr. Which may mean Having to reschedule my massage tomorrow. Grrrr. I am hanging at home today. Trying to take it easy and get some cleaning done.




Too Bloody Cold.

I was awake by 7am today.

Now, I know that most of you are normal people who generally start your days at the beginning.

Imagine for a moment that you are a big moss covered sloth.

This is how I feel in the morning. 7am is not my friend.

I will be ready to go back to sleep in a few hours. Just you wait. Only I will be at work where napping is frowned upon.

I think I am awake partly because I was cold. Cold!

My little tree house apartment is just one small corner of a much larger house and the big part controls the ac. Which is why I have ac on at all. I have all the vents shut but can’t keep it out. So, this morning I was cold. I am on the porch warming up. I think I will get a thermometer, just so I can know exactly how put out I feel.

Though, it is just as likely that I will discover that I am a 90 year old.

Time to call the KP an IC to see if we can meet early at the market.



Stalked By Squirrels

Everyday while I am away.

A squirrel comes to play.

Seriously, it hangs out on the porch while I am gone. It knocks over pots and yesterday it brought a friend. As I climb the stairs it senses that it has been busted and starts having a little panic attack and eventually flings itself off the porch and hopes for the best.

For the last 20 minutes it has been hanging out just one step below the porch, giving me the hairy eye ball and hoping I will leave. What the hell is it looking for?

How rude.




So here we are on Saturday again.

Today I went alone and boldly to the market. The KP and IC are heading out of town for a week so were in no need of a bunch pf produce. I will be battling through it alone. I don’t have to work today so I was able to browse. This is clearly not a good thing as I always wind up with extras. Extras cost money. However, I am choosing to enjoy it. I made the Farmer go with me to eye ball the new seafood vendor. He is apparently much more comfortable with being nosey than I am and peppered the guy with questions. Verdict: suspicious.

I had hoped to run into Starrhillgirl but was too slow getting out of the house. I did visit her favorite boys to buy cilantro, though. I have decided that I am cursed when it comes to cilantro and yet I persist. It always manages to rot within a few days around here so I have promised myself that I will make salsa immediately!! Yes, yes I will.

So, today I came home with a lot of stuff: Tomatoes, potatoes, weird peppers, wax beans, okra, eggplant, zucchini, squash, cucumber, apples and the extras, mint, cilantro, garlic and corn!

Hope you’re hungry.

On list the list of things to do is making that damn steak I bought for my fella. Fer Pete’s sake.

Critters: Now there is a possum that thinks it has a late night date with me for drinks on the porch. He wandered all the up the stairs and was making his way to me when I sent him packing. Though I have to say he didn’t look even a tiny bit concerned and left as casually as he arrived.

Had a lovely evening on the porch the other night with the KP, Starrhillgirl, the new friendand the KP’s brother who is getting married so we spent a lot of time trying to convince him of our various merits as members of the wedding party. I am lobbying for flower girl but will probably have to lock the IC in a closet to get my way. I am not above it.

Tonight S and I do some singing for a benefit show and also have to squeeze in a dash across the street to witness the fella opening for Kenny Rogers! My parents had a Kenny Rogers tape when I was little and I listened to that thing over and over. Hopefully I will catch some of his act, too.



A newly old place

Maybe you’re wondering why you don’t see me around these parts? The truth is that while I was sleeping awhile back, I was forcibly re-relocated to a place I’ve been before and don’t like much, melancholyville, and I don’t remember how to get back to gay old Crazytown. It seems everyone is very far away from me though physically very near. In other words, the opposite of Crazytown where you can be anywhere and feel connected to everyone in an insane sort of way. I am grateful that i have internet access in melancholyville as it allows me to see the possibility of other places. Also, don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but my upper arms itch incessantly and inexplicably. That’s at least a little crazy-sounding, right?

I’m Gifted

There are times, few and far between, when I feel like I am witnessing the dawning of a new word. It’s baby, wobbly steps from fringe to foreground. I don’t mean words like, “cool” or “rad”, I mean word, words. Is it just me? Have people always said that? Is it new?


When did “gifted” take the place of give and given when describing a present? Why does it bug me so much? It’s the new “you know you’re a (blank) when…….

You know you’re a locavore when you start saying “gifted”.

You know you’re a water saver when you start saying “gifted”.



I Have Been Friggin Meme’d (what the hell is a meme?)

By Starrhillgirl who IS the boss of me. I have to write an opening paragraph of the novel version of my life starting with last night.

She sits perched on the edge of a low slung leather couch. Around her, the other musicians and singers chat, waiting to begin the night. They have gathered for a benefit show and are clustered back stage. Some are eating, when it is free musicians always eat, others sip wine and bottled water. Over the dull roar of the well heeled crowd, you can just about hear the sweet sounds of the first performer. She barely stands a chance. The crowd is full of parents whose children attend the school that will benefit from the music tonight. They seem eager to squeeze the most out of their night. Quiet listening is not on their minds as they giggle and chatter through their first few drinks. The air is dark and cool backstage. The door to the alley is open and covered with a thick black curtain. At irregular intervals the warm air and bright light outside sneaks in at the bottom corner. She shifts her weight from one cowboy boot to the other getting more restless as her turn on stage draws near. As the other singers drink water and spray their throats, she makes her way to the door, briefly flooding the room with light she steps into the alley for a cigarette.

Now I get to tag someone so I tag Wistar and KP.



Embarq Chat, Baby, Why You Gotta Do Me Like That?

I am having ongoing turmoil with Embarq, our preposterously named local telephone company. Crazy charges have been showing up on my bill. Hundreds of dollars in long distance. It’s a saga that would take years to explain in writing. Today, I will give you a glimpse into the business processes that make Embarq the well oiled trainwreck it is. Since I’ve had such difficulty getting someone to help me when I call the company on the telephone, I decided to try their online “Live Person” customer service agent chat program. I present to you the transcript. While you’re reading, I’ll be over in the corner slitting my wrists.

Hi. I want to send you a letter detailing my recent troubles with Embarq & Sprint. Can you please give me an address?

David C has joined this session!

Connected with David C

Welcome to Embarq! I will be glad to assist you today. Please give me a moment while I pull up your account.

David C
Welcome To Embarq, the reliable choice for all of your communication needs. My name is David and I will be more than happy to assist you today.

David C
I will send you a link to our web page where you can view the address.

I’m on your web page on the “Contact Us – Residential” page and there is no physical address listed.

David C
David C pushes page,

I don’t see an address on that page. All I see is “Media Coverage” and some links.

David C
You’re very welcome. Is there anything else that I can assist you with today?

I didn’t say thank you. Did you read what I just said? There’s no address!

David C
Thank you for contacting Embarq and have a great day. If you require further assistance, Embarq chat agents are available 8am to 8pm Eastern time Monday through Friday and 11am to 8pm Eastern time on Saturdays.

David C has left this session!

The session has ended!

March 2023