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Total inertia, friends.

Things accomplished today:

2 cups coffee

Several e-mails

2 phone calls

1 IM

Things not accomplished:

everything else.





I didn’t take down Christmas. I have decided that instead of being embarrassed about this I will try to pass the decorations off as a legitimate treatment for Seasonal Defective Disorder (or whatever). Anyway, they are pretty, so there.


I will say in my defense, I got some other things done. I made dinner, like for real and in amounts enough for lunch, including a bonus pot of beans. I cooked them in leftover potato water. Is that weird? I’ll let ya know when I taste them, but it was just sitting there all potato-y and I couldn’t bring myself to pour it down the drain. hmmm.


This was actually two dinners for two plus lunch for one. yay.

This was actually two dinners for two plus lunch for one. yay.

I also completed my first “no knead” bread. I followed the very “Elsie” directions I got from Elsie and then looked at the “real” directions and figured the Elsie ones worked fine. I may try shaping the dough a bit next time to see if it makes a difference. I used 2 cups local flour and one cup bread flour the KP brought me back from a mill in Georgia. How could you not like bread that requires NO WORK!!

Fresh. Still in the dutch oven I baked it in.

Fresh. Still in the dutch oven I baked it in.


Yum. We ate it with local raw butter. I made crostini with the store bought loaf that was stale and had to be booted from the bread box. They were also good and devoured in total tonight before dinner by a certain someone I know who was really hungry. So, I didn’t do any laundry but I did tidy a bit and get a few important meetings taken care of. It is the little things.




Slow and Steady

Gets a little more work done.

Boils potatoes in ADVANCE of making a cheesy pie, those puppies gotta be cold for the slicing.

Makes dinner involving more than two food items because it is generally worth it.

Breeds patience, for now.

Starts a batch of “magic bread”.

Takes an extra moment to start a new mini batch of vanilla extract with bourbon.

And for you:

Don’t let the clouds fool you, it is a full moon tonight. The Wolf Moon, if you must know.



Some Brief Things

No not underpants.

I must take down the tree this weekend even though it is so pretty and so cheery.

(The twelve days are over, friends)

Tomorrow I get raw milk and butter!

I must cook this weekend for the week ahead. I must.

Had a date with my Mum tonight. She is faboo.

Next projects up:


Lip balm/ body butter.

All my theatre homework.

Did I mention the butter?



Now, only the darkness.

The holidays are over.

Though, my tree will stay up for a few more days. I hate a premature tree removal almost as much as I hate a premature tree put up-al. It has been a good Holiday season all in all. I made some gifts this year. Yay me!

I had  2 main celebrations and lots of mini celebrations. I got some fabulous gifts. This one, causes me to gush at length and repeatedly to friends who are frankly getting a bit sick of me, I think. I also got these, which are rumbling around in the dryer as we speak. I don’t use dryer sheets anyway but this is a fun addition to the laundry routine. I got to spend time with my super duper Mum, my sis and her man and my nephew. I also got to play with his remote control helicopter!! I think I played with it more than he did.

I laughed a lot.

New Years Eve was perfect.