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Dydd Gwyl Dewi hapus

Happy St. Davids day.

The day I vow to learn Welsh every year. So far, not so much. I didn’t get around to getting daffodils this year but I will blame it on the fact that the day fell on a Sunday.

I did have tea and Welsh cakes and Club biscuits earlier in the week with The Fella and my little Mummy so not so bad and I do love the Land of My Fathers!

On this first day of March we are getting snow, quite a bit. It seems like it has been forever since we have had a real snow. Didn’t we used to have blizzards?

I have had a very quiet weekend which I think, even though I get a bit restless, was right on time. I hunkered down and did very little mixin it up. In fact, I am sure I let some phone calls slide but, well, I needed the peace. I did have a lovely dinner with Starrhillgirl last night and we were joined by the Kingpin a bit later on. We came up with at least three schemes (ridiculous of course) so I think it was a very productive night.

Random tidbit: I was looking at my kitchen chairs and realised I have recovered them twice, both times right after a big fight with an ex. Interesting? Well, to me it is.

The fact that I have been analyzing the kitchen chairs should indicate how quiet the weekend has been.

Things on my mind:

Tiny houses.

Fake weddings.

Fake wedding pictures.


The Spring.

Finding a way take a damn trip.




I don’t even know where to start

On this guy’s comment.

I mean……..?

Local paper covers a gay marriage ban protest.

The weekly

Maybe you can figure out where to start?




Total inertia, friends.

Things accomplished today:

2 cups coffee

Several e-mails

2 phone calls

1 IM

Things not accomplished:

everything else.



Booo California

Shame on you.

That is all I can muster. Really. Shame on you.


A Big Fucking Day

Yesterday I woke early. Just a little early, so there would be plenty of time for a visit before work. Yesterday morning I met a brand new person. We have been waiting for him for a very long time, years. He was tiny (4.14 pounds) and perfect. His gorgeous tiny fingernails, so light. I held him for an hour straight. His mother and father so happy, and nervous and at peace. This was just the beginning.

Last night I watched in a small crowd of people as we got our first black President. It was also the first time I have heard a politician say this country is for Gay and Straight, not just black and white, male and female, rich and poor.

Wooooooo Hoooooooo!



18 yr Anniversary

Today is my Birthday!

This week, Starrhillgirl and I will have a birthday. We are having our 18th birthdays since the year we met! It wasn’t until I started counting the years this past week that I realized it had been so long. In my mind we were stuck somewhere around 15 years, but really we are creeping up on 20.

How the time flies. What a beautiful thing. I know we have a tendency to spend much more time on important dates we share with lovers/partners/husbands/wives, but I think all the time how lucky I am to have such a great family of friends.

Starrhillgirl and I have been through 18 years of ups and downs and we are still in love! We have lost family and friends. We have lost love, found love, Traveled, lived in separate cities 3 times. We have lived together 3 times (depending on how you count).

Sometimes people mix us up. Only one of us prefers girls and only one of us doesn’t eat meat.

She insists I was blond when we first met…………….I wasn’t, but don’t burst her bubble.

We have had a good 18 years. Here is to 18 more.

Happy Birthday.



Too Bloody Cold.

I was awake by 7am today.

Now, I know that most of you are normal people who generally start your days at the beginning.

Imagine for a moment that you are a big moss covered sloth.

This is how I feel in the morning. 7am is not my friend.

I will be ready to go back to sleep in a few hours. Just you wait. Only I will be at work where napping is frowned upon.

I think I am awake partly because I was cold. Cold!

My little tree house apartment is just one small corner of a much larger house and the big part controls the ac. Which is why I have ac on at all. I have all the vents shut but can’t keep it out. So, this morning I was cold. I am on the porch warming up. I think I will get a thermometer, just so I can know exactly how put out I feel.

Though, it is just as likely that I will discover that I am a 90 year old.

Time to call the KP an IC to see if we can meet early at the market.



Stalked By Squirrels

Everyday while I am away.

A squirrel comes to play.

Seriously, it hangs out on the porch while I am gone. It knocks over pots and yesterday it brought a friend. As I climb the stairs it senses that it has been busted and starts having a little panic attack and eventually flings itself off the porch and hopes for the best.

For the last 20 minutes it has been hanging out just one step below the porch, giving me the hairy eye ball and hoping I will leave. What the hell is it looking for?

How rude.



Suddenly It Is Winter

I wrote the title to this post a few days ago, in the middle of our 3 day deluge. I then wrote a slightly maudlin first paragraph and sensed that I should let it sit.

I was right. It was a bit much.

We were getting a  taste of the darker months to come. It is the way the seasons go. Sneaking up a few days at a time, sending lookouts a few weeks ahead of the rest of the regiment. The air wasn’t cold but something in the breeze did not belong to summer and it took little handfuls of leaves from the trees around my porch. I am sad to see this summer go but I know when we reach the crisp brilliant days of Autumn I will be glad. It is my favorite after all.

Speaking of which, I didn’t manage to turn in to a food storage queen. I had hoped to have a freezer full of…something. I don’t. I do have some vegetable stock, some in cubes and a couple larger amounts. I have a bag of veggie bits on the way to being more stock. I have a few tomatoes and some basil. I suspect this will not equal a winter’s worth of food. Oh well, most of my goals start with grand illusions and fizzle into modest success. I do have some bread flour from Georgia that the KP brought me. I also have the flour and corn meal that Elsie picked up for me from the local mill. I still have some weeks left and if I could manage to make my brain work on Saturday mornings I might still be able to plan ahead a bit. Either that or I will get rickets, or scurvy or some other ancient disease.

Tomorrow, I will be doing laundry and such around the house, I will. Even better though, I will be having ice cream with the KP and the IC and I hope like hell the gelato place will be open. I haven’t enjoyed a single gelato all Summer, how is that possible?

In the evening I will be going to Jedidiah’s with our friends J and T for a Virginia wine tasting. We are attempting to start a little tradition. The first wine dinner was at my place. We tasted a Condrieu and three different Burgundy’s I had that needed to be consumed. This is Jedidiah’s turn. We will be descending on him and drinking four different Virginia wines and bringing food. I think the next will be at J and T’s and we are aiming for the Loire.

Today I headed up North a bit with my Fella and the band to watch them play at a wine festival. I and M and the little ones, including my fella’s number one fan, came out too. We had a great time. The kids spent a lot of time on various bouncy things and the adults enjoyed some local White Riesling. All of this topped off by the fella’s music and his number one fan’s total delight. I also manged to get a Fucking sunburn. How? I am the whitest most sun hating person in world besides Fatbiscuit and I get a burn. It was overcast almost the entire time. I spent 20 minutes in the sun chatting to a friend and I get a burn.

Surprise delight of the week: My fella returned from the recycling centre with a book for me, a book on ettiquette copyright 1921. I couldn’t be happier!




So here we are on Saturday again.

Today I went alone and boldly to the market. The KP and IC are heading out of town for a week so were in no need of a bunch pf produce. I will be battling through it alone. I don’t have to work today so I was able to browse. This is clearly not a good thing as I always wind up with extras. Extras cost money. However, I am choosing to enjoy it. I made the Farmer go with me to eye ball the new seafood vendor. He is apparently much more comfortable with being nosey than I am and peppered the guy with questions. Verdict: suspicious.

I had hoped to run into Starrhillgirl but was too slow getting out of the house. I did visit her favorite boys to buy cilantro, though. I have decided that I am cursed when it comes to cilantro and yet I persist. It always manages to rot within a few days around here so I have promised myself that I will make salsa immediately!! Yes, yes I will.

So, today I came home with a lot of stuff: Tomatoes, potatoes, weird peppers, wax beans, okra, eggplant, zucchini, squash, cucumber, apples and the extras, mint, cilantro, garlic and corn!

Hope you’re hungry.

On list the list of things to do is making that damn steak I bought for my fella. Fer Pete’s sake.

Critters: Now there is a possum that thinks it has a late night date with me for drinks on the porch. He wandered all the up the stairs and was making his way to me when I sent him packing. Though I have to say he didn’t look even a tiny bit concerned and left as casually as he arrived.

Had a lovely evening on the porch the other night with the KP, Starrhillgirl, the new friendand the KP’s brother who is getting married so we spent a lot of time trying to convince him of our various merits as members of the wedding party. I am lobbying for flower girl but will probably have to lock the IC in a closet to get my way. I am not above it.

Tonight S and I do some singing for a benefit show and also have to squeeze in a dash across the street to witness the fella opening for Kenny Rogers! My parents had a Kenny Rogers tape when I was little and I listened to that thing over and over. Hopefully I will catch some of his act, too.



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