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Stank and I went to the movies last night. Last movie I saw gave me a severe case of anxiety so we stuck to the pixar kid movie and I left feeling a lot happier. We were sitting on the porch after the movie listening to the bats fly around when suddenly we were under attack. I have blinds up on my porch which gives it a lovely outdoor room kinda vibe. However, this meant that when two bats chased something tasty our way, it took them several frenetic circles around to find their way back out into the night. Stank said he has never seen me move so fast. By the time he realized they were bats I had run in about ten different directions AND made it back inside. I love a bat as much as the next girl but I can do without them on my porch.

Food: We had dinner at home before the movie so we didn’t wind up buying a million dollars worth of popcorn. We had Zucchini and tomato and basil and onion sauteed with some wine and salt and pepper and tossed with ricotta and pasta. This used the whole big zucchini in the fridge. Go us. One down…..

Tonight we are going to the county fair!


Cheese and More.

So, the cheese has been made! We gathered at Elsie’s house early Monday eve to do the deed. Cho girl and Starrhillgirl and Elsie and I made our very first batch of cheese. There is actually a much better run down over at Caved because Starrhillgirl live blogged it as we went. We managed one batch of Ricotta and one batch of Mozzarella. This took 2 gallons of milk and gave us 3/4 pound mozz and 2 pounds ricotta. Kinda expensive so we have decided we should buy a cow! I don’t think you can have a cow in the city so we may have trouble figuring that one out. However, it is a very useful fantasy because now we can also fantasize about cheese presses and cheese wax and getting rich on cheese! Likely, huh? We did a lot of talking and wine drinking and porch sitting as well. Considering how much time we wasted on other things, I think we did well. We got to Elsie’s at a little before 6pm and we were eating mozzarella with one of Elsie’s tomatoes and some of her basil by 9pm. Deelicious. I noticed today that the texture of my mozz was a lot firmer than it was Monday night. Not sure what that is about.

Tuesday night I had a group of fabulous women, Starrhillgirl and T and the KP included, over to my place. We had a big ol’ clothing swap and drank wine and had snacks. I made salsa and, much to my dismay, it was really tasty! Everyone got some good stuff and we had a great time. The KP entertained us with strange outfits and the rest of the stuff will be hauled off to the goodwill. I love a good swap.



Things That Go Bump.

The critter/s on my porch.

A rat? A cat? a Raccoon?

I am starting to wonder if my poor beets will wither away before I manage to make any cake. I have had a few nights out in row and am behind on the kitchen stuff. However, we have managed to schedule the cheese making for Monday. Some of us are overly interested in the wine we’ll be drinking while we work. I assure you i am much more serious than that. I am hoping we wind up with an edible morsel or two and don’t botch the whole thing. Got all the supplies and instructions from here. We will be using Starrhillgirl’s extra raw milk.

Stank and I went to see the new Batman movie last night. Is it just me or are movies getting more violent? It could be all my anxieties getting worse as I get older but movies seem a little harder around the edges to me. It was good, though. It also inspired me to drink two local beers to calm my nerves. So there! A touching local food moment inspired my hollywood!




Stank made me dinner last night. Or rather, Stank said he would make me dinner because I was in a foul mood and didn’t want to cook but we couldn’t afford to go out. I actually wound up helping because it is always more fun once you get started. We had the local tofu fried up with squash, zucchini, onion and garlic scapes.  We had yummy potatoes that were red skinned but violet on the inside and deeeeelicious. Also, some cucumber and tomatoes chunks in oil and vinegar.

Things I got from my CSA: Potatoes, tomatoes, green pepper, yellow squash, onions, zucchini, peaches, cucumber, cabbage. Also, I bought eggs and basil.

Things I need to make: chocolate beet cake (lookin at you Starrhillgirl). The beets are giving me VERY threatening looks at this point. Also, cheese! I am curious to see what kind of mess we can make out of that.

Things That Are Mostly Food

Well friends, it has been too long. You may wonder why you haven’t heard from the Kingpin in a while…….couldn’t tell ya.

Anyhooters, not too much to report round this little town. Had a nice chat with my farmer last Saturday while we were picking up our veggies. The IC lounged among the old gum splotches on the red hot sidewalk while the KP and I took in the coarse language and bold statements of our favorite farmer. Pretty soon I had to roll on to work and the IC wanted her friggin lemonade already so we went our separate ways. We got potatoes, tomatoes,zukes, cukes, onions, cabbage and yellow squash. Yum. Haven’t put much away. I find I have enough to eat but not much extra. Next year I will have to up the ante. I did make veggie stock and froze that in cubes. I am eye balling the cabbage in the fridge trying to figure out how to freeze it. Thoughts?

Starrhillgirl and I had dinner at a friend’s place and I force fed her some of the bread pudding I had made that day. It turned out well considering I refused to do a water bath and just packed more bread in to make up for my laziness. I also used less sugar. Our friend, who I won’t name, thinks bread pudding is gross……We had a wonderful time eating delicious food we didn’t have to cook. I even liked the the slaw that had some mayonnaise in it. Usually I won’t go near that stuff but I was a brave girl and reaped the benefits!

A week ago I made my first ever Johnnycakes from local cornmeal but I’m not sure how I feel about them. I will have to continue that experiment to see if they get any better. Dense would be a generous description. The search for the perfect ice tea continues. So far Stank votes for the apricot flavoured black tea over the orange spiced white tea.

A man finally came to look at my oven to see why it wouldn’t light on it’s own. He says it isn’t supposed to and there is no pilot for the oven, only the stove top. He thinks this is because “It came over on the Mayflower.”

Critter Alert: something woke me up the other night by skittering around on my porch. Please don’t be a rat.

Question: I recently got to know (again) Laughing Cow. You know that weird “cheese” that comes in triangle shape, wrapped in foil? I don’t think it is actual food but man it was tasty! So, what gross non-food food do you think is delicious?