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Bristol and Beyond

State Street. VA on one side TN on the other.

We had a lovely weekend in Bristol. We packed ourselves into the van with a car following behind and headed on down. The van is a high style travel option, in case you are looking for one. Nice big comfy seats. Places to plug in a computer to work. Lotsa cup holders. We had a cooler packed to the gills. Bread,cheese,fizzy water, fizzy orange and cranberry drinks, nuts, chocolate, crackers, and lots more. This is how you avoid a starvation induced food mistake. Anyhooters we were a jolly bunch. We got to the hotel in time to relax for a bit and change clothes and then headed on to the music. The fella played on the big stage the first night and I sang on the same couple songs I helped with on the album. Then we strolled and ate. Overall we had a great time. The fella had two gigs, we saw some friends from here do their thing, and managed to see some of Doc Watson and James Hand. We capped the weekend with a gig over the mountain from here on Sunday night.

Now to beyond. There are only a few more weeks of the CSA to go. How sad. I wasn’t able to figure a way to get to the harvest festival at the farm, which is a total bummer. The farmer told me to forget about work and just come and even tried to win me over with homemade blackberry wine. Alas, I couldn’t figure a way to make it out. The Kp and IC were also thwarted, annoyingly, AFTER she had made 3 pies for the event. Maybe we can get a private invite? I’ll have to work on that.

Now I am sick. Grrr. Which may mean Having to reschedule my massage tomorrow. Grrrr. I am hanging at home today. Trying to take it easy and get some cleaning done.