The LB’s Wild Kingdom

Today* was a day of critters. I didn’t really notice as the day was unfolding but it was.

First, this morning as I was having coffee and e-mails on the porch I was visited by a humming bird. I have had at least one all summer buzzing in the bushes ten feet from my tree porch but this morning the thing came onto the porch and spent a few whole moments with me. It buzzed just inside the doorway to the porch in an odd mix of hummingbird frenzy and total stillness. Weird. Just looking at me as I looked at it.

Then, this evening my fella and I had a chimney swift date.We have been planning this one for quite a while. Since we first met. I had noticed in 2005 when I went for an evening tea with two of the members from the Serbian theatre company, that a place downtown had great view of the swifts in action. I had told the fella about this memory pretty early on and we talked about going to see it. It took us a while, but we got there.

We got a pot of tea and headed to the back porch with a great view of an unused brick chimney. Just before dusk the birds start to arrive a few at a time. By the time the sky is starting to turn pink it is filled with hundreds of chimney swifts making big loops just overhead. It is really amazing. You don’t often so many at once. They loop and show of for at least 30 mins until someone calls it bedtime and, a few at a time, as they circle the chimney, they drop straight down to roost. It is really cool, must say.

Later in the night I did some skunk watching. A big chubby guy strolled around at the foot of my stairs. Then he squished himself, including his fat butt, through the fence to the neighbors yard.

* this was actually a couple days ago.




2 Responses to “The LB’s Wild Kingdom”

  1. 1 starrhillgirl September 18, 2008 at 9:27 pm

    In the old skool “Wild Kingdom” tv show, Marlin Perkins would almost die every show. It was very exciting. I am, however, glad you didn’t die or even come close to death.

  2. 2 elsie September 19, 2008 at 4:07 am

    My favorite part of the old Wild Kingdom was when Marlin started getting old, and he had Jim, the new guy. Jim got all the crappy jobs. While Marlin sat out finishing the iced tea on a lounger Jim would be wrestling crocodiles and pulling the teeth of water buffalo. Marlin continued to narrate though. “Now watch as Jim expertly subdues this large and dangerous crocodile by flipping it over and tickling its underbelly. Amazing….” Some of the footage indicated that Jim was less than an expert, but that the crocodile was certainly large and dangerous.

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