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Too Bloody Cold.

I was awake by 7am today.

Now, I know that most of you are normal people who generally start your days at the beginning.

Imagine for a moment that you are a big moss covered sloth.

This is how I feel in the morning. 7am is not my friend.

I will be ready to go back to sleep in a few hours. Just you wait. Only I will be at work where napping is frowned upon.

I think I am awake partly because I was cold. Cold!

My little tree house apartment is just one small corner of a much larger house and the big part controls the ac. Which is why I have ac on at all. I have all the vents shut but can’t keep it out. So, this morning I was cold. I am on the porch warming up. I think I will get a thermometer, just so I can know exactly how put out I feel.

Though, it is just as likely that I will discover that I am a 90 year old.

Time to call the KP an IC to see if we can meet early at the market.