Some Things

You will likely find boring but……

I don’t seem to care.

This past Saturday Market was an adventure in wetness. My usual time to head several blocks over to the market coincided nicely with our little tropical storm. I spent some time on the porch calling the KP and Starrhillgirl to guess whether it was worth the trek. There was much back and forth. None of us can actually see the market from our houses and SHG hadn’t gone to market since her CSA shows up on her porch. Finally I decided that if my farmer had chickened out he would have let us all know our shares wouldn’t be available so I grabbed my bag, and my box to return, and my brand new umbrella and headed out bout 9am. I caught a lucky break and ran into my neighbor in his old white truck heading out for breakfast. I happily caught a ride with him. The market was a lot of fun in the pouring rain. Several vendors had braved the weather and a handful of folks turned up to buy. I had a nice long chat with my farmer as the water poured by the gallon from the roof of his tent. I scored some free sun-golds. He offered, and I said the IC would be happy to see more of those, thankyouverymuch. Apparently she ate the last batch like candy. My farmer’s wife and children offered me a ride home but I had another stop at the market and was enjoying the sensation of walking in the rain, so I politely declined. I am hoping to make it to the harvest festival at the farm, where there will be a “Jack and the bio-dynamic beanstalk” puppet show. Word.

Also, the fella and I finally cooked the steak I bought him. We went for a drive, which is not environmentally responsible but when you live in the land of greatest beauty, it has to happen every now and then. We headed down the way to the little town on the James to take a look at their new main street and so I could pick out all the houses I like. Once the day turned to dusk we headed back to my place to eat. I had stopped by the local fish guys and gotten a tuna steak so we cooked up the fish and the meat and some mashed potatoes and some corn on the cob and a big salad of tiny greens with cukes and tomatoes and goat cheese and ate ourselves silly. The fella agreed that the hunk of happy cow tasted better than miserable cow and it was a fine meal all around.

Also, last week marked my Nephew’s first week of kindergarten. WTF! How that is possible is beyond me. Just a minute ago he looked like this:

In his First Few Hours

In his First Few Hours

Hopefully, they will realize what a genius he is!

In other exciting news. I got a visit from The Herbwife and her fella while at work. I feel soooo 2008, actually meeting people from the interweb in real life. Weird. We had a very nice chat and are hoping for a blog coffee date with Starrhillgirl next time they are in town.

Last night Starrhillgirl and I had a date at the diner to see my fella play.



P.S. Inspired by the Herbwife, I give you a gander at my jars. However, it is clear who has the bigger jar collection, if ya know what I mean.


3 Responses to “Some Things”

  1. 1 fatbiscuit September 12, 2008 at 2:09 pm

    I care! I care!

    I miss that little baby boy from the picture. My heart melted last night: Owen was walking up the stairs to bed with Tay and turned to daddy and said, “I love Mommy.”

  2. 2 the kingpin September 13, 2008 at 12:51 am

    The IC did indeed inhale this newer bunch of sun golds like they were candy, too. We humbly thank you for your fortitude in the face of drastic conditions.

  3. 3 The Herbwife September 13, 2008 at 10:39 pm

    Humans = electrons = humans. It’s proved now.

    Fun talking!

    We’re off to the northlands for a few weeks. Blog coffee in October, then?

    PS Your jars are lovely! (I can’t resist big jars of dry beans…)

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