Another Day.

It is Saturday and so I went to market. I had the luxury of going a bit later this morning, though this means missing Starrhillgirl. I didn’t miss the other %75 of town, however, much to my chagrin. I stopped at the money machine on the way and went ahead with the usual plan:

Meet the KP and the IC at my farm’s stand.

Pick up our CSA box.

Divide it up.

Chat with farmer and his daughter.

Encourage him to curse.

Be pleasantly surprised to find that milling around seems to encourage the farmer to had over extras for free!

Since I am working the later shift today I got to wander around with the girls and take in the sights. I also spent more money so I can’t say it is win/win. We picked up some corn cause I haven’t had any this season and also got my eggs. I also couldn’t resist a head of lettuce from the egg people since I haven’t had one of my very own since May. I just used it to make my lunch and like a pillaging beast, I reached my hand right into it’s very middle for the most tender leaves. I also picked up a steak for my fella. I think I will have to rename Stank on this blog but haven’t come up with a new name yet. The steak buying required some talk with the meat guy. I don’t eat meat so……we’ll see what he thinks.

I lugged all my stuff home and don’t think I broke any eggs. The haul this week is good. Pots, squash, eggplant, corn, apples, peppers, toms, carrots, corn, lettuce, eggs, steak. I am heading out tonight to see Will Oldham play here in town and my friend S. will get to play with them. Should be a good night.




2 Responses to “Another Day.”

  1. 1 fatbiscuit August 18, 2008 at 1:45 pm

    hi cutie. you got to see will o? i’m jealous. looking forward to seeing you today or tomorrow (or both). can we do dinner out one night? is stank (aka twang or mystery inc.) around?

  2. 2 cho-girl August 19, 2008 at 4:33 pm

    hey, I was there! Dang that place it hot. Well, at the early show anyway.
    I’ve never had to stand in line before. I don’t know what that says about my musical tastes.

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