Cheese and More.

So, the cheese has been made! We gathered at Elsie’s house early Monday eve to do the deed. Cho girl and Starrhillgirl and Elsie and I made our very first batch of cheese. There is actually a much better run down over at Caved because Starrhillgirl live blogged it as we went. We managed one batch of Ricotta and one batch of Mozzarella. This took 2 gallons of milk and gave us 3/4 pound mozz and 2 pounds ricotta. Kinda expensive so we have decided we should buy a cow! I don’t think you can have a cow in the city so we may have trouble figuring that one out. However, it is a very useful fantasy because now we can also fantasize about cheese presses and cheese wax and getting rich on cheese! Likely, huh? We did a lot of talking and wine drinking and porch sitting as well. Considering how much time we wasted on other things, I think we did well. We got to Elsie’s at a little before 6pm and we were eating mozzarella with one of Elsie’s tomatoes and some of her basil by 9pm. Deelicious. I noticed today that the texture of my mozz was a lot firmer than it was Monday night. Not sure what that is about.

Tuesday night I had a group of fabulous women, Starrhillgirl and T and the KP included, over to my place. We had a big ol’ clothing swap and drank wine and had snacks. I made salsa and, much to my dismay, it was really tasty! Everyone got some good stuff and we had a great time. The KP entertained us with strange outfits and the rest of the stuff will be hauled off to the goodwill. I love a good swap.




2 Responses to “Cheese and More.”

  1. 1 fatbiscuit July 31, 2008 at 2:16 am

    i hope you didn’t swap any of the clothes you’ve borrowed from me and not returned. like those silver sandals . . . i want those back!

  2. 2 starrhillgirl August 2, 2008 at 1:49 pm

    Your salsa was damn good – for being made by a white girl

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