Things That Go Bump.

The critter/s on my porch.

A rat? A cat? a Raccoon?

I am starting to wonder if my poor beets will wither away before I manage to make any cake. I have had a few nights out in row and am behind on the kitchen stuff. However, we have managed to schedule the cheese making for Monday. Some of us are overly interested in the wine we’ll be drinking while we work. I assure you i am much more serious than that. I am hoping we wind up with an edible morsel or two and don’t botch the whole thing. Got all the supplies and instructions from here. We will be using Starrhillgirl’s extra raw milk.

Stank and I went to see the new Batman movie last night. Is it just me or are movies getting more violent? It could be all my anxieties getting worse as I get older but movies seem a little harder around the edges to me. It was good, though. It also inspired me to drink two local beers to calm my nerves. So there! A touching local food moment inspired my hollywood!




1 Response to “Things That Go Bump.”

  1. 1 elsie July 26, 2008 at 10:21 pm

    Ahem. I am not THAT interested in the wine. Really. I mean, I just want to be a good hostess and be sure that we have the appropriate beverages to bring out the flavors of teh cheeze. Seriously.

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