Can You Tell When… Someone Is On Crystal……?

This is the search that led some wayward soul to our blog yesterday. Yikes!

We are not on crystal, though we are on snow day. Spent the morning and afternoon enjoying the beautiful views on Stank’s farm, keeping the wood stove going and staring at his cat. Heard from Fatbiscuit and the Bean and “Nana”. They are all together at Fatbiscuit central attempting the highly technical task of building a tiny log cabin. I believe they are actually using glue! No way out if they misplace a log. I said log! The kingpin is downstairs making baked goods with the IC and her little friend from down the way. The IC actually chose not to go out in the snow just to avoid wearing pants appropriate for the weather. They did not strike her fancy, fancy. This is probably for the best since the big kids don’t have anything water proof to wear and the snow is heading in the direction of slush.

The messy part of the baking must be over. The have abandoned the KP for something more fun.

Wishing I could head over to Starrhillgirl’s wood stove for a stiff health giving drink.

P.S. The girls have changed in to something “dressy” in order to handle the important task of licking the spoon. This involves at least one naked bum. FYI.


1 Response to “Can You Tell When… Someone Is On Crystal……?”

  1. 1 starrhillgirl January 29, 2008 at 12:57 am

    How did I miss this post? Right…. head up my ass.
    I wish you’d headed over here, too.

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