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Guess It’s Up To Me.

Well folks,

I think if we are going to get to look at a new post around here, I’m gonna have to post it.

First, I will follow the last post with the final word on my “modeling” job. That week of hour long “blow outs” and enough makeup to make a drag queen squirm has resulted in today’s reveal. If you are a totalfriggin genius you may know my other identity, in which case you will be able to see me in all my faux warmth glory. Today. I appear in an insert in the local weekly paper. Look how happy! Look how sincere! So, would you spend your money on any of that stuff?

Also this week, the KP an IC head out of town for Thnxgiving. I will be holding down the fort here at Crazytown. I have just received an invite to someones dinner. I will have to turn it down. I have a bath planned. Girls gotta bathe.