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KP is linktastic

Patient citizens and tourists of Crazytown, we regret the severe drought of blog activity from the Kingpin. See, what happened was…the Insolent Child and I were flattened a little by a persistent cold, which left me capable of doing little more than eating and staring after she went to bed each night. We did have a notably delightful and quaint Halloween with Toya and Olivia and family in Lovingston, with the IS wearing a homemade Little Red Riding Hood getup while I sported an Ostrich Jockey inflatable situation for the 2nd year in a row. Trust me, it’s a situation, not a costume. People seem to love it or ast least to not be able to look away from it. In a stroke of pure inspiration, Wistar was a piglet-suckling-a-tiger. Little does she know that the heart-warming story isn’t true. Dodo wore nothing but a camera. That’s not really true either.

That one paragraph has tired me out utterly. All the linking and whatnot. Boy I’m not really a kingpin these days. Very little moving and almost no shaking. Good night.